Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Just a bad dream...

Last night I was preparing to deliver a credenza I had been working on for several weeks.  I mentioned it before, it was not a favorite of mine.  It was a curb find, and I okay'd it by photo, thinking it was a nice semi-ornate piece. Not so, it was a heavy, pressed board piece and the doors kept swinging open at inopportune times.  The first paint wouldn't stick so I primed it in an oil paint. [oil clean-up not-so-fun]. Several coats more, but every time it tapped another project, I would be doing a major touch up.  Finally finished, sealed, new knobs on, added two shelves and magnetic closures and slider feet. I picked up two flat carts in the afternoon so there would be no hitch in the [Okay, stupid, I know.] I had it down the first step, down the hallway, over the threshold, unto the utility cart, sliding down planks and unto the second cart, b u t, $#^*)&%^$#*%!  The thing took a nosedive as it stopped quickly on the cinder block I put there so the cart wouldn't go careening into the street. S P L A T! I couldn't look. That piece of  crap folded like a house of cards.  What I really couldn't believe was...what a solitary person I am, that if I can't get help immediately, I have to do it myself! Although I had tears in my eyes I was relieved.  It was an accident waiting to happen. Better it happen in my driveway than falling on some St. Ed's wrestler trying to wrestle it to his mom's basement. Back when I was a young Girl Scout, we sang a campfire song that went like this, "All night, all day. Angels watchin' over me, my Lord! All night, all day, Angels watchin' over me."  And I believe they were. I offered her my sofa table until we find a better piece, but she declined. The right piece will come, and it will be fabulous!


It started off like this-upside down.

Some kind of hinky knobs had to be drilled and wedged off.

A view of the top no magic could fix.

Two nice details-maybe they can be salvaged.

I Bondo'd every crack and scrape.

Just like the Karate Kid, "wipe the paint on-it wiped right off".

This was supposed to be the undercoat, but was just a waste of paint.

Hit it with a Zinsser oil. 

I didn't even think I could attach the shelves I made. Pressed board is just sawdust and glue.

It started taking on a life, but in the back of my brain I thought this is a  "NO GO".

It really looked pretty if you had your glasses off and weren't sure what you were looking at.

Ready to go out the door, and.........

A two foot tumble cracked the base, ruined the knobs......

broke off parts that could not be re-constituted....

...and buckled the sides, displacing the top.

North Royalton has a new trash service called, Rumpke, and a call to them had them promising that if it was dismantled and placed next to my trash on Monday, they could make it disappear. Like magic.

Right now, I want to sleep, but I'm off to do........

Just kidding....a glimpse of my shabby chic signs that will be happening in the near future. Cute segue though. Huh? I am going to sleep!  I have an early rise to finish the hardest alteration I've ever done just by sheer volume. Nine skirts/hems, and 5 of them are crinoline, 3 tulle, 1 acetate and 1 crepe de chine. And then a pressing. I have visions of an I Love Lucy skit while I'm cutting hems. 

Night night. And, as Paddy just wished me, "Angels on your pillow."
La Verne

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  1. I can't believe that was the outcome of the dresser than you spent so much blood sweat and tears on. We love our phone bench, but I need to pay you for it. I may need to make a trip to Habitat for some girl bedroom stuff. Good night!