Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring green

One weekend in February while I was watching the River kids, I decided to refinish the sideboard out on the sun porch as sort of a surprise for Alisa. The surprise was on me-who expects chemicals to activate when my own teeth were chattering. This is how it looked at the start.

Not bad for a piece left in the house when they moved in. 

Several gouges and right on the top where I had hoped to strip, stain and poly.

Oh, who left the iron on?

Hmmmm, that pesky scar. I ended up mixing Minwax wood filler and walnut stain.

The iron mark was coming out.

A million scratches.

Disappearing, but not that infernal RED.

I had to use a hair dryer to get the chemicals to work.

Finally, this past weekend I started on it again.  The surprise this time was that I was going to FINISH it.

Whatever this color is, is a compilation mixed in the -dark- of greys, blue OOPS, and a couple greens.

A close up of the distressing.

I got most of the real red out and hoped the brown would takeover. Every time I tried to snap a picture, the sun came out.

I polished the original hardware with my secret sauce and it was perfect.

The top looks a little streaky here. I think I gave it 6 top coats.

Some bottom detail.

Finale-from this...... this.


As long as I'm finishing things-here is Cyndi's final pillow with the piping, matching her chairs.


This is the prom dress with all the hems. I had to pin the top and work from the bottom up.

Here is the finished dress. I have a photo of Cinderella in her dress, but it isn't fair to post it before her fella sees her in it.  Beautiful girl, pretty dress.


Coming up this week is my last Managing Chronic Disease class, which has been most helpful. I've changed some bad habits and found some ways to manage pain better. [not drugs]

I found some Craigslist and ReStore treasures that I will be starting as soon as I finish the cedar chest. Bargains all. You are in for a treat! Daughter-in-law, Jen is catching the bug too!

As ever,
La Verne


  1. I absolutely LOVE Alisa's sideboard! It is my favorite yet!

  2. Wow, saw Alisa's sideboard half finished earlier this week. You are speedy. Was looking good halfway done. Can't wait to see the finished product up close.
    Nice job!

  3. Thanks for the love and the mail, ladies. Painting is what I was born to do.

    After the cedar chest.....think RED!

  4. I Love Love Love! Hmm...My Wheels Are Turning I Am Not Sure If I Could Commit To A Favorite! You Have A Gift No Doubt! Xo

  5. You can have many favorites, just build a room to contain them.