Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Has it really been 5 decades?

This September our graduating Class of 1967, Nazareth Academy, Parma Heights, Ohio will hold our 50th High School Reunion. Not all of us will be there. Out of a class of 215 students, 24 are silent. How is it that we are here and they are not? One of the focuses of the gathering is a memorial service for our deceased classmates the morning of the reunion. Paralleling that, our school more. What was built as a girls only academy in the fifties, was bought out by an inner city co-ed high school looking to move to the suburbs with its healthy alumnae base. No question, Holy Name is a good school. My two oldest children went there, but circumstances change and the youngest five learned to thrive in the local pond.

For those of you expecting a furniture refinishing bonanza after my 9 month hiatus, this is not that post. Not that my hands have been idle; just my camera and my blog. Soon.

This post is a base for our memorial event. We are forming an Ad Hoc Choir to sing one song in remembrance of them during a slideshow of graduation pictures, and later photos. Because of distance we will not be able to hold regular rehearsals like a normal choir. I compare this to a Handel's Messiah Sing. Everyone will learn their own parts and come together for the song. Attached is a version of Dvorak's Largo from his New World Symphony. The lyrics and melody of Lori True's adaptation and arrangement is entitled, Quietly, Peacefully.  This rendition is sung by the St. Ambrose Choir with Judy East on vocals and Tom Bonnezzi accompanying. Our interpretation will be more uptempo. There is no room in our budget for Kleenex. The sheet music is on order and will be distributed as requested. Others, who learn best by repetition, keep this recording near-by the shower.



Here is my high school graduation picture. Aside from the overuse of Clairol now, 
I haven't changed a bit!

(off the video of our 25th reunion)

As ever,
La Verne

PS Thanks to classmate Diane Dydo Gingell, and my son Peter for their technical help help in this post.