Monday, June 24, 2013

Where there's a will

...there's a working air conditioner.  Where is my boy, who every year carries my cooler upstairs so I don't melt in the heat?  Off to seek his fortune. How I miss his brawn and follow through.  It is surprising though, what one can do with a little ingenuity, in his place. I slid the thing from the shelf in the basement to the stored van seat and wheeled it to a high chair on wheels. Then I tied it with karate belts and pulled it up a plank onto the first floor. Next step was to end over end it to the mover's dolly and wheel it to the window. Hoh de doh! How to lift it to the window opening? You know what they say, when you can't lift with your knees-lift with your back. My room is cool now and I celebrated by watching an inane Will Ferrell movie. [Some people never learn.]

Over the BUSY weekend I got a text from a friend attending her daughter's graduation in California to go to her house and perform surgery on her son's dresser. I was to transform it into a carbon copy of a desk I did for him a few months ago. And, pad and cover a desk chair for her daughter. Besides several projects in the queue, and making food for Emilia's birthday party, plus making her gift, I thought I could squeeze it in. I guess I forgot I left my '40's behind some while ago.

Here was my task: Find the dresser and empty it.

The piece had beautiful lines and color.

Twelve drawers, forty screws to remove (and put back on), 20 pieces of hardware to polish.

Everything was marked and stored in bags on the bed to return later.

Dropcloth down, three coats of Stealth Jet by Behr.

I moved the drawers to the dining room to give me more room.

I couldn't run the fan while I was painting or it would dry between brush strokes

I ran the air conditioner on high so that it would dry faster between coats.

It turned out pretty well considering no pre-planning.

A close-up of the secret solution on the hardware.

Lovely.  Cyndi was pleased with the work.  Hunter won't be, when he sees a picture of his room in my blog!


At the Columbus party, we ended up meeting cousins we had only heard about from California. Terry, son of Aunt Lucy was on his way to escort daughter Mariah to Loo'vull for pharmacy school. What warm and easy going relatives.  Wish we had hooked up with them years ago. Next time it won't be so long.  Pictures were passed and shared of our mothers.  Thanks, MP.

I tried to work on the picture in my head of Emilia's gift, but time and materials did not follow suit.  She did plenty well without mine and I will take it apart and remake it with the revised edition. I did finish the cupcakes and the potato salad.  Happy being 2 little one.


Tomorrow, the last poly coat of the Brittlebush file cabinet should be done and I will show you how well it turned out.  Just waiting on the size of the castors requested.

Next projects are finishing the heirloom trunk, the chest discovery, a side table, and a fish tank stand with a pirate motif.

In the meantime, though, tonight will be bliss, just me
a i r  
c o n d i t i o n e r!

As ever,
La Verne

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