Thursday, June 20, 2013

Starting rehab tomorrow.

When I told Paddy I was going to be starting rehab soon, I think he said something like, "Why, you don't drink!"  Goofy kid.  My knees, silly. Pray that it goes well.  It never has before.  I want to say more, but I better shut my mouth/fingers.

I've been accepted into the Westlake Antique Vintage and Craft Show on July 21st. Rain date is the 28th.  It is a curated event and I wasn't sure I had the standing to pull it off, but it happened. Sometimes, you just have to believe hard enough.

I've really been busting it lately, but naturally, nothing to show for it.  Tagging items for the show and boxing them up. Drawing pictures in my head of how everything will look on show day. The kids have all volunteered to help (or will).  I was even thinking of offering the grand-kids sort of an indentured servant internship program. They can take turns staying with me on an overnight and I will work their little arses off mentor them on the fine art of architectural salvaging. Something to think don't all of you rush off on a vacation!

Okay, a few pics so you won't think I'm slacking....

This old wooden ReStore shutter will get a clay pot flower arrangement tomorrow and a chain on the back to hang.  Right now the chain is aging in a bowl of vinegar.

This is a Restore Coffee table,  When I got it, it had no top at all.  Ed helped me cut a sub floor for it to lay my slats on. It will get some more colors, beachy yellows and soft greens, maybe.

These two old heavy ReStore shutters are first coated my own color of blue.  I mixed together several little pours of samples I got from friend Lynn.  Love it.  They will each get a pickling of a linen color over top and a plant hanging in front.  I will show you next time how I'm installing it. I think it's genius.

Okay, finally gave this Union Jack its final coat. The brick wall was loaded with stuff so this shot will have to do for now.

This old ice cream chair from Poland I got from friend Sue.  Tomorrow it will look verrrrry Frenchie.

This is the vintage file cabinet from Ken.  It is commissioned with this neat color and almost done.  I'm liking it a LOT.

These are some wooden boxes that I played with on color.  It seems even if I mix my own, they all end up in the same shade families.


No matter how tired I am, I cannot fall asleep. Plans, conversations, infirmities, always seems to prevent it.
Hopefully, tonight is different. Hoping tomorrow I get some good news about salvaging my knees.

As ever,
La Verne

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