Sunday, June 16, 2013

The house of good news

I was excited to tell you about something that might happen next month, but better news has come along in the meantime.  First of all, our Meg and Ryan are adding to their Presidential Brood in September. Then Andrew and Jen announced they are adding to their family in December.  We're not counting, because as soon as you do, the number changes.  Hoping for healthy, happy children in the Wrecking Crew 3rd Generation.

I am hoping to be accepted into a show next month, so am busy completing a lot of 'started' things that need tweaking to finish.  A friend I met online, Lisa, who has a booth at the Brother's Antique Mall in Medina, called Rye Lane Design, [PLEASE PATRONIZE], was over the other night and we were each teaching and learning from each other.  She developed a spreadsheet for all my salable projects and I think it will cover my house taxes. So, as Maria would say, "fingers on the cross."

Here are some of my latest endeavors...

This is a pretty cool Vintage file cabinet with white oak interior. I am second coating tonight and distressing in the morning.  The color is really ALIVE. Definitely growing on me. It may be my new go-to color.

The next piece has a story, which I will share when I finish it.

Right now it has been thoroughly disinfected and looks something like this. Well, maybe a step different but I didn't snap a picture and I am wall to wall in my dining room tonight. It should be done by Wednesday.

This is a Sue box too. Just a plain box stored in the basement.

I gave it some color...

...and, some hardware.

This may have been a cheese box (?) once upon a time.  Not sure. It was a gift from friend David.  The wooden spool I found in a sewing machine I bought (I may have 8-but I also give them away to people who need them after I tinker with the tension so it is usable. I thought the spool had quilting thread on it, but it is a thin wire that will be used in a muck rake project. Looking better-no new pic of it, but....

Here is the cheese box (green cheese?)

The next piece is another Sue box.  I love these. I think it said raisins on the side.  I copied it on a salvaged drawer I'm working on and aside from no hole in the handle, think it turned out pretty good.

This is a gift for Max and Blair's Engagement, so don't spoil the surprise or I won't share things with you in the future. Not kidding.

Lynn did the lettering. She is sooooooo good.


I know I haven't had a Sunday Song for a long time, probably because I have been to every other church but St. Ambrose's 5:00 lately. Tonight, I showed up at Assumption's 6:00 to hear my niece on the baby grand. They played Seek Ye First, a long time favorite of mine, especially with the descant. So I'm sharing a YouTube one with you and I have not pre-screened it as my audio is not working.  It says it is combined with Pachelbell's Cannon in D, so how can you miss? I wasn't sure I spelled Pachelbell right so I right clicked to see, their only suggestion was "bellyache".  So listen to this selection and quit your bellyachin'.

To all the Dad's out there...hope you had a good day.  To my sons....I think you all have special talents in that field, especially since you really didn't know what it was to have a dad for all that long. Some of your children have had a living dad longer than you. Stay the path.  I love you. And those of you "up there", keep the door open.

As ever,
La Verne

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