Friday, January 18, 2013

The coffee table with the checkered past

My friend, Ken, scooped this beauty up for me on a curb in Lakewood.  I could kick myself (rather someone else, legs already in pain) for not getting a BEFORE shot.  This thing was painted a myriad of colors, almost like a clubhouse initiation decor.  The numbers '237' and some undecipherable symbols were on it. Very colorful.

Paddy spent major time stripping it for me.  In his good clothes.  I encouraged changing into something already bearing paint colors, or turning them inside out, but you know, kids know best.  In his defense, he did a great job, and the outfit was spotless.

This is the closest before picture I could come up with, after it had been stripped BARE, then I playfully added a couple of coats of paint colors that I love.  One is of course,  Glidden's Dark Olive and the other is, "------ Sapphire, also by Glidden.  I can't make out the first part of the smudged off name of the blue color, that was the weekend of the paint-spill-on-the-carpet-fiasco!

Kind of Bohemian looking, starting to feel its former vibes.

The wood beer box and the stained glass lamp were helping.

Then, I finally dry brushed a Driftwood sort of a mixture on and it started developing a personality.

Nicely sculpted lines.

Wish I had a better camera for detail.

Hints of the blue/olive undertones.

The legs really give the piece swagger.

Nicely feathered.

The dimensions are 46" x 19.5" x 15.5" tall.

The details look like something out of the DaVinci Code

This will be in my family room showroom, if anyone is interested.  I'm liking it more every time I see it. Will take more photos in the morning when there is better light.

Angels on your pillow,
La Verne
hope& salvage

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