Thursday, January 17, 2013

A post with no name

A final look at the nightstand I've been struggling with (sorry, Dad, for putting the preposition last).

I stripped the top again and removed the varnish brush hair, then went through all the finishing steps again.  I used the same poly so it would match the base, but I think that's my last use of it.  Brand new gallon, but much too shiny for a 'satin'.  Minwax has consented to send me a new can and test the old batch to see what the problem was.  I tried to dull it with #0000 steel wool, but it just looked scratchy.  "It is what it is" to quote a friend.

Notice my FAVORITE emerald sweater as a backdrop!


Tonight, I am final coating a coffee table with an interesting past.  Will post in the morning.  I'm excited about a new book that just came out called The Power of Habit.  I'm on page XVII of the prologue. Worth a look-see.  Finished The Tragedy Paper.  It's a cross between an MLA paper and A Separate Peace.  

Lately, I've been switching radio stations constantly.  Each have their good and bad points.  The Lake had something on that caught me by surprise today.  They have sort of a joke teller on several times a day whose voice is reminiscent of the late Chris Penn. He's unloading bags from the market and comments, "Look at all this alcohol we bought, are we......shopaholics?"  In print it doesn't look funny at all, but I cracked up.

See you tomorrow,
La Verne

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