Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Minwax bye-bye

How can a company that you trust for 40 years let you down so badly? Happens all the time.  Trust: a commodity that one so takes for granted, scuttled in an instant because the other party feels no debt owed, no responsibility, not my problem, don't care, more allegiance to the other side...  I tried to go online to find out why their Minwax poly was sooooooo disappointing.  Sent 3 queries and finally got a form letter that said "did you stir it"?  Not the first time to the dance.  I probably have 30 Minwax products in my dining room right this minute.  They are a branch of Sherwin Williams-not too happy with them lately either. Make the trip to the store during a sale and guess what? No product, try another store. When loyalties are broken - there is no repairing.

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