Friday, February 1, 2013

We do BIRTHDAYS here

Third one in less than a week.  What would you expect when we have the number of children of a small third world country, as my brother-in-law, Scott would say. Paddy had to blow 3 times to get all the candles out and he has the least amount of any of us.  We had a great time playing LRC, and it cleaned out everyone's wallets.  He won the pot by default as it went unclaimed.  The theme was Mexican night and the chow was delicious.  I always thought our family would make a great reality show or sit-com; everyone talking on each other's talk, high decibel laughter, and kids' unlimited hi-jinx.

Thank you to Dr. Magovich for fitting him in today for 2 root canals.  What a dear man. I choke up thinking of the goodness of their family one Christmas, years ago.  What should have been our saddest Christmas, was made exceptional by their kindness and generosity. Everyone in our family remembers that Jeep pulling into our driveway on Christmas Eve and the wonders that poured out of it.  Forever in our prayers.


Angels on your pillows,
La Verne

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