Saturday, February 9, 2013

Just some small projects and a hometown scolding!

This week I've been working on getting some beadboard beds painted up for grandkids.  It was the old, "Too many monkeys jumping on the bed..." Nobody fell off, they just fell down (no broken crowns) and the bed more.  These are beds that Bethy picked up in her travels, one from MD and the other, curbside.  Her area is more earth conscious.  Here in North Royalton, if you take something off the curb, that has been clearly THROWN AWAY, you will be shot, tortured, or at least fined heftily. I don't see the sense of it.  I doubt the garbage hauler wants to pay the extra poundage for the landfill, and I've watched, it's not like they resource this good, used furniture out to salvagers, it all goes in the dumper. When you sometimes have to make decisions as to whether you will eat, or have heat, it's hard to reconcile the government mentality of PURE WASTE.

Here are a couple of before and after pictures.  No fancy stuff-the girls wanted them plain.

This next one was a little rougher, hard to paint over masonite.

I had six school jumpers to hem this week.  Always, the harder part is to take the old hems out and get all the stray threads.  Luckily, it's a good exercise for doctor's waiting rooms, and the boring parts of a movie.

Remember, the other day when I was looking for a handle.  Well, I found it, not at Habitat or Two Horses Handles and Knob on Center Ridge (thousands.....), but in my own handle supply drawer.  The size I was looking for, did not exist.  I went home, re-measured, and put it on.  Why do I make such work for myself?

Two horses is sort of unlisted.  There number is on the door, but not anywhere on the web.  Nice lady, Maria.  We talked about families and had a good chat. Seriously, if you can't find the right handle there, no one makes it.

Have a good Saturday night.

As ever,
La Verne 

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