Wednesday, February 13, 2013

And a good Lenten season to you

Because I am one of the ancients now, I think I no longer have to hold with all the Lenten rules.  I just read something that said that bacon bits over lettuce and chicken broth are not verboten. And to think of all the times as a kid of forgetting and spitting things out when I remembered.

I'm hoping in the next 40 days to work on my f o r g i v e n e s s issues.  Not a lot, just enough. I'm also hoping to complete and post a project a day.  Seems ambitious, but when I work it feels prayerful, and I can always use more of that.

Here is today's offering as a before.  Not bad, but, this piece really wanted a makeover.

It's a really well built piece and had only surface scratches on top.

The new color is a sapphire and is a color I used on my tool box for the cover of my blog.  This picture is not a true representation.  It is magnificent.

It distressed nicely and luckily had good character lines.

The hardware was in mint condition, but I think I will oil it just for a richer caste.

This will be posted on Craigslist. [No longer available]


I found a bench for the waterfall vanity and just refinished it to match - even though someone already snatched it up.  [More on that later]

Here is the before:

Very good shape, but old plastic-y covering, actually part of a sewing machine combo.

I went through the same process of colors so it would look the same distressed.

One of my JA fabric remnants worked really well for the upholstery.

Not a very good close-up.  Could use a photography class.

Still the Tiffany box look. [No longer available]

This really counts as two projects today, so I could skip tomorrow.  I hear it is some sort of a holiday where you overspend. I'm betting they are going to be disappointed whatever they get, so get restored furniture instead.  At least one of us will be happy<3!

Sleep well,
La Verne


  1. Wow! Everything looks AMAZING!!!! Good work Laverne!

    1. Anytime you want to come and paint with me, you are invited! Thanks for the kudos.