Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Keeping it Real!

Most of my posting photos show the great brick wall in the dining room, sans the tons of paint cans (about 45 currently), stripper,  power tools, refinishing chemicals, my 5 gallon can of acetone, sandpaper, bags of steel wool, stacks of wood, jars of screws, drawers filled with hardware, stains, and upwards of 20 paint brushes, and piles of furniture in various stages, on the other side of the camera. It is very deceiving.  Behind the scenes of every beautiful finished piece is a mess.  The humble side of me welcomes you to my mess.  Kate and Caroline were over yesterday doing their homework while their mom was getting some pictures.  This is the tranquil atmosphere I arranged for them.

Oak School Desk with actual initials and names carved.  Unacceptable words were sanded out.
No longer available.  The kids gave it a "thumbs up" for workable space.


Often times it is necessary to hide 'stuff' out in the open but disguise it as something else. Here is a solution.
A "Stuff" box.  Metal, shabby chic'd in a verdigris finish.  No longer available.


Speaking of stuff....some stuff was hanging around in my head today.  As I look around at who is living and who is not, I see there are a lot of mean-hearted people who have lived far beyond their "sell by" date, and others that barely made a blip on the screen. People who do really good work and are snuffed out early, and rounders who would never give a thought to another's plight, still taking up space in the reserved seats. Missing the good ones....

As ever,
La Verne

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