Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Dear Howard,

Almost made it to the cemetery today.  Instead, the girls came over and helped me clean and decorate for the soap party on Friday. I may stop out on Sunday-you are with me always anyway.

I remember the night I first met you, Thanksgiving night, you came across the hall to borrow ice. A likely excuse-was it equivalent to borrowing sugar?  You had the kindest eyes. Welcoming. I was smitten. It was a good life.  You would be so absolutely proud of our kids. They are fun-loving and kind and generous and smart.  And good parents.  I like the people they chose to marry. We miss you, (especially when a pipe breaks or a gas line goes).  Alisa took a chain saw to an errant Christmas tree in her living room the other day and cried, "Where's my dad?"  You will always be the hole in our hearts.

Another Thanksgiving night stands out in my mind.  Your last.  I came in that night after I took the kids home from the hospital and was chattering about everything the kids were up to.  I told you how I was going to break you out of that place-rent a crane, swing your bed down and whisk you home.  You chuckled.  Then I asked you what you did in there all day long.  I didn't expect you to answer-you had been intubated so many times. You said, "I think about you all the time."  Those are the words I carry with me every day in everything I do. It makes all I struggle with, make sense.

So, if you asked me what I've been doing all these many years since you've been gone.... I'd have to answer,
"I think about you all the time."

Love, La Verne

...last driver's license picture

Visit from some of the troops


Telephone Bench:

I finally finished the telephone bench tonight (from my scout, Ken). Here is a before picture so you can get the real scope of it.  No one probably uses a telephone bench any longer now that there are few land-line phones in homes.  It was a beautiful mahogany wood, but had horribly mismatched fabrics.  I wanted to keep the red undertones and shopped for a warm paisley fabric to bring it out. I finished the back also so it can be used as a room divider. It is done in Glidden Dark Olive with Red Sienna Glaze.  Dimensions are 30"w x 33"h x 19"d. Thanks to Bethy for taking these.

Paisley Upholstered Telephone Bench is no longer available.


Just a glimpse of our little Christmas Tree. It came from Salvation Army a few years back for $10.00 and was pre-lit.  The Nativity, my brother Byron built for me two years ago, out of hundred year old wood from David's barn.  I love that he worked with Paddy to create it.  Many years ago that was a skill that my father had, making a Christmas Creche for every family according to their house style. The blue spruce boughs are courtesy of Alisa's chainsaw, by way of Hurricane Sandy. God Bless Everyone this 12-12-12.

Angels on your pillow,
La Verne 

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