Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I have the blues

I love it when I can transform a piece of furniture from something that is one step away from a trip to the curb, to a focal point that anchors a room.

Ryan and Meg were hating their bedroom armoire that had been painted many times and had broken hinges from the kids hanging on the doors. A colorful painting in their room was the inspiration for the new color.

I had Lowe's aim their color detector on the bird's head and that was the determiner. A free magazine coupon in the sampler size was all it took. I did dilute it slightly.  Note the old hinges were sort of an 'H' shape and had pulled away so the doors would not close. I do love the deep brown as a base for the new shade. When sanding and distressing, that shortcuts the work to bring that hue through.

I layered a coat of General Finishes Basil Milk Paint, because I had it on hand and wanted another color to come through with the sanding.  

I (Ryan) took the doors off so that I could work on them at home. It was decided that I would do most of the work at their house as the piece is heavy, unwieldy and did heavy damage when it first arrived there.

As I painted the two coats, I did it in two different directions so as I sanded, there would be some interesting cross hatch.

I left the nicks in the wood instead of filling for some extra character.

It has sort of a Tuscan look. Sorry about the background. I left my drop cloths there until the poly was dry.

Ryan is painting the walls a grass cloth color this week. Will upgrade photos as they happen.

The rust tone planter really brings out the distressed brown.

Some advice: Study your hinges before you go to buy new ones. Decide whether you need straight or offset, especially if you are choosing a new design. Although the big box stores are close by, they have little selection. Van Dyke (online) has an awesome selection, but pricey, and have to pay shipping and wait.

This is just a quick post before it got away from me. I can't wait to see the room finished.


Thanks to all the soldiers for their service to the US on this Veteran's Day. I count among them: my father, uncles, brother, brothers-in-law, sons, cousins, nephews and friends. God Bless You.

As ever,
La Verne


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