Thursday, November 29, 2012

Photography is an art

Good cameras and good camera skills are sometimes worth more than the art they depict.  Without them, a piece might as well be hidden in a locked closet.  Such are my 'shooters', Angie and Bethy (and Alisa and Paddy). Here are some of the close-up pics that I promised. *Also, check back at past blogs as I have updated photos-still new at this.

The Herring bone shabby chic chair. No longer available.


The Chalkboard/Corkboard was a fun piece to create. I found a skinny closet door at my favorite shopping place, Habitat for Humanity. Added the chalkboard paint (several coats) and fitted and cut the cork.  Added hanging chains to the hinges to hang from the beam. It is done up in a Lysander Blue-Grey in a shabby chic design.  This could have benefited from a close-up and maybe this afternoon I will update with Paddy's phone camera.  The big erasure on the chalkboard says, 'Pooping'.  We didn't think it appropriate on something listed For Sale to say that. The measurements are 16"x77".

Here is a close-up of the sign at the top of the chalkboard.


The little votive, leaded glass, candle lamp on the secretary pictured above is available. As lighting for a relaxing tub bath it is absolutely perfect. Or, as a festive foyer light welcoming visitors. Weighted nicely, it stands 13" tall.


While creating reformed furniture is my major gig, I have other burners going.  One is to help collect items for my social worker friend's holiday party on December 11th.  He works for a non-profit, caring for families who have issues with schizophrenia and are bipolar.  At the party, they are able to "shop" from items collected to gift their families for Christmas.  If anyone in the local audience has items they were planning to give to Goodwill anyway, and, if you could get them to me or one of my offspring, I would be happy to pass them on to him.  I promised him 150 small loaves of banana bread wrapped for the event, so you know what I'll be doing on the 10th!


Off to my studio (dining room) to paint. When I post the Telephone Bench in a few days, I will offer insight into the pros and cons of painting in the house as opposed to a garage; and the story of the unfortunate decision not to use a drop cloth.


I hope all is well with those of you that are following along. [And others who aren't.] If you like, you can have these posts delivered to your email.  Having an ABC phone, I am not proficient at texting, but Ms. Jen says the blog shows up nicely on her phone.

As ever, La Verne

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