Thursday, November 29, 2012

Just some updates....

Today was a busy, trying day. Stopped off at Alisa's in the afternoon to make a snowman with Ellie, Claire and friends.  Bethy came over tonight to tryout her new camera on some things I've worked on, but not finished.

Take a peak at how the Union Jack is progressing.

I repainted the Jack, now just have to distress it, poly, second coat the rest of the dresser, refinish the
top and figure out what I want to do with the hardware. 


I am really excited about a checkerboard table I've started.  I found this thing on a curb in Parma a few months back and this is what it looked like then....

There were gingerbread man stickers all over it along with nail polish, glitter, gum, and it was missing the glass top. I was sold!  Here's peak at it now, but reserve judgement until the top gets painted and the surprise element is added.


People ask what kind of finishes can go on their furniture.  Well, I have done up samples on the fronts of all my supply drawers, and that doesn't make a dent in the colors available. Here is an assortment.

It's been a really arduous day, so, turning in.  More soon.

Love, La Verne

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