Monday, December 17, 2012

Just the right time to hug babies

We had a mega busy weekend with the soap making party and an all day cookie bake. Plenty of kids underfoot, waaaaaay too many cooks for some kitchens, but not nearly enough for ours.  On cookie day, we  never bake less than a thousand cookies and often times into the several k's. The fun thing about grandma's house are the two staircases, the costume closet, and the unlimited hiding places in this nearly 200 year old house. The rocking horses, rocking airplanes, rocking cars, matchbox, army, racing and any other type of cars make difficult walking for the older folks trying to shuttle trays from the ovens to the cooling counters.  Every year we say we are going to have some tables reserved for just decorating with frosting, and every year it is catch as catch can. This was the perfect year to grab hold of any of the 4 babies under 18 months and just hug. No TV's were running in the background.  No movies-just family time.  No drama-except for the grade school and tweens acting out the latest talent show and theatre production. My favorite time of the year. I ate one cookie. Truly.

Some of the bakers at the start-before the mess!

Four Kitchen Aids and a Hamilton Beach

Underage driver

Some of the theatre troupe



Soap making on Friday night was more of a gab session and a melt and pour, rather than a cold process, which requires more time.  We used some home made molds which worked out quite well and some store bought ones.  We added lavender and calendula, essential oils and colors.  Already we are planning a longer session in January. Here is a little look at what was leftover.  Who knew yogurt cups, drink boxes and pop bottles would have such a professional look.


I got this toilet paper flower in the mail the other day from someone very dear to my heart.  It is the most beautiful and meaningful posey that I ever received.

I think I'm back now-recovered from all the anniversaries, and world events. When in doubt-do the next right thing.

As ever, La Verne


  1. I loved your cookie bake blog! That beautiful tray of cookies went poof at my house when Caroline turned on the wrong burner (i.e. the burner under the plastic tray). Good thing we had so many over for the football game so that many of them were enjoyed before the rest got scorched and then drowned. Mega fun weekend!

  2. No worries. Hope the new tray of cookies gets a workout at your house. Sorry Brigitte and Neil. If I get up early enough, I will 're-bake' the AZ cookies before I hit the PO.