Monday, December 3, 2012

If it's not the drill, and it's not the screws, it must be me!

This was the kind of a day where everything turned to crap.  I should have opened a letter YESTERDAY.  I had to unload the van in the rain. The van seat would not lock in. My favorite polyurethane turned to goo. Four hundred wooden doll heads spilled on my kitchen floor. I forgot to eat lunch. The dryer almost caught fire from some muslin I washed that was an unraveling thread disaster.  I got to church late. Again.  Then, I tried to attach the hardware on the Union Jack and stripped the screws. The original screws. I tried to take a photo with my phone and a message came up that my phone plan no longer has that capability.  Oh yeah, changed yesterday to the super budget plan.  If you were listening close enough, you could hear my primal scream.


Remember yesterday's blog?  This is my mom as a young girl with her little brother.  See what she's doing?
You know what they say....the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! 

As ever,
La Verne

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