Monday, December 31, 2012

I decided to make an NYRL for 2013

Usually, I don't get caught up in this sort of thing, but all/most of the blogs I follow, people are producing amazing, well thought out lists of changes they hope to make in the new year.  I may fail at most of the items on the list, but one, I will succeed at if all the others are bust.  It's the old "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail" business.  Learning late, but learning.

New Year's Resolutions List

  1. Eat Healthy-drink tea without sugar (I shouldn't have started off with a loser!)
  2. Have more life balance, ie. do something FUN.
  3. Finish things I start. (UGHHH someone please chain me to my tasks).
  4. Do Nothing.
  5. Take a course. Learn something new. (Last year, it was wood working and have yet to assemble the table I made.  See #3)
  6. Volunteer.  Anywhere.  Lots of places in need. (Maybe prison ministry or back to hospice).
  7. Say and write thank you's.
  8. Make an organization chart.  Jobs I hate I will work on only 15 minutes a day. (Got that from my friend, Sue, the list maker).
  9. Live the Serenity Prayer.
  10. Find something joyful or funny or something new to be grateful for every day.
  11. Listen to more books on tape.
  12. SING.
  13. If you come in contact with someone _____________, tell them you are praying for them.
This is the best list I ever made.

As ever,
La Verne

PS The bell ringing at midnight will be me!

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