Saturday, December 22, 2012


Often cops get a bad rap for doing their jobs.  And, for not doing their jobs. Could we live without them?  They take on the messy work that we hope to avoid; telling the neighbor to muzzle their dog that is still outside barking at squirrels at 2 AM, stopping the speeder who recklessly almost hit your child riding his bike in front of your house, hunkering down in SWAT mode outside a house where ill or malevolent people have taken their family hostage...and on, and on.

I am privileged to know some GREAT cops, some related, and some, friends enough to be so. I found this example of a police chief on line and wanted to share it.  It is how we envision our police force to be.


Also, as it is the time to evaluate our gratitude for God's special blessings, I am ever thankful for my sons who served and still serve in the military to keep our country safe. Thank you Andrew and Neil.



The Heritage Family Flag Project on December 26.  Here is a preview:

Be back soon.....

As ever,
La Verne

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