Sunday, December 9, 2012

If chairs could talk

Alisa's friend, Cyndi, asked me to find and refinish some dining room chairs for her in a white, shabby chic finish, with blueish, greyish and black undertones.She chose a subtle, slate blue matelasse fabric. I also recovered an ornate bedroom chair. Sort of.  The 4 dining room chairs went easily enough, other than cutting new under boards for two of them. It was the ornate chair that got interesting.  It seemed like there wasn't much padding, and as I got all the tacks out, I realized there was another layer of fabric. And another. And another.  And another. And another!  All tacked individually. The six totally different fabrics seemed to tell the history of the piece.  The top layer was a slate blue tweedy corded piece, that wasn't in bad shape, but could use some freshening, and if I had enough out of the fabric measured for the 4 chairs, had planned to recover it too.  For sure, it needed some foam and I sprinkled some lavender between the layers to give it a waft of French countryside. In order, the layers were: a pink floral pillow case, army fatigues, emerald quilted shantung, a merlot and teal geometric, and a green matelasse. So many personalities for one phenomenal chair.  Unfortunately, there was not enough of the new fabric, so the tweed went into the washing machine and the dryer and came out like new. See photo.  Can you tell the difference? I enjoyed working on them. Thanks Cyndi! If you find more of the new fabric, I'll replace the tweed for you, if you load the staple gun.


This afternoon I saw the flutter of angel wings.  Several, but one stayed in character the whole tableau.  Granddaughter, Kennedy, couldn't have been more proud wearing her angel dress made by both grandmas and mom. In a former life it may have been a Judo uniform. All she would have needed was a little pixie dust, and she would have been aloft.  The program had all the elements of good theatre.  It was short, funny, dear, nicely choreographed, and I saw only smiling faces and photo flashes.

Other angels, Claire and Gabrielle accompanied me, then helped me move furniture, wood, and paint.  I have the best grandkids.  Truly.


There are several new pieces that will be posted in the next few days.  Each item needs ONE thing to finish.

As ever,
La Verne

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