Friday, March 7, 2014

Put a little spice in your life

My friend Kat called the other day. She is running out of room in her kitchen cupboards and wondered if I had a spice rack in my stash. "Not per se, but I have shelves that may work as a spice rack." She and Stevan were on their way to the neighborhood, so I scrambled into the garage looking for it. One day, I will write a post just on the contents of my garage. I remembered that my friend Ken had found a dated 3 board shelf on his curb travels and gifted me with it. Initially, it was plain, unpainted pine.

After a chalky Oop's paint and distressing.

 Kat helped me get a bundle of beadboard ($7.00 from Habitat-only used 1 panel, so, $1.25) down from the garage attic, and I fitted it tongue and groove on the back side of the shelf. The compressor cord for Andrew's brad nailer is down the basement holding my hydroponic heat piping together, so I had to use tiny nails. I had a plastic jar full that I got from Habitat for 10 cents. Prorated, I used about 2 cents worth.

I cut tiny backing pieces and wood glued them on the inside edges, painted some old plaster lath boards from my friend, Lynn, and clamped away. 

The purpose of the lath board was to 'gate' the spices. My go to glaze on this project was Howard Restore a Finish, and finished with Minwax' s Wipe on Poly. No sense waxing as this cabinet will take a lot of abuse.

Close-up of the lath. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE lath. More than jewelry or a new car. 

I had considered these old wire hangers to attach for hanging towels, but found something better.

These photos do not show up well, but these are slices of a branch of an olive tree that my friend David found and cut for me. I baked the juice out of them and then I painted them to match the lath and drilled out the back. In my craft box I found and stained some small thread spools. These are not attached yet, but were sent home with Kat to acclimate to the idea.  I will add a photo when they are.

I grabbed some spices out of my cupboard for the photo shoot. Probably my favorite spice is Old Bay.

It's Friday, no crabs to put it on, but it tastes okay in tuna fish also. 

Total cost of the recycled shelf into a spice rack project was $1.27. But the contribution of friends? Priceless!

As ever, 
La Verne

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