Monday, January 6, 2014

Same time next year

A year ago today I had come back from my cousin Rick's Congressional Swearing-In in DC. Due to economy, I heat my house with a wood stove. I do have hot water baseboard heat that I consider auxiliary, and is temperamental as to whether it chooses to work or not. It failed me then and, being consistent, failed me now. Saturday night, I heard the familiar....."SSSPPPPEEEWWWWWEEERRRT". By the time I heard it, there was three inches of water in the computer room (misnomer: really the paint storage, wood keeper, coat closet, catch-all room). Last year, the carpet went, plus half its contents. This year, no loss. I shut the water off and turned on heaters and fans, and proceeded to resort to pioneer status. I wondered how long I could keep it up before I would tell the kids.

I pulled water jugs from the basement to use for tea and washing dishes. I heated snow for flushing toilets. I washed my hair in cold water. I think excepting for a statewide calamity, 24 hours was going to be my limit. Bethy got on the "Children of La Verne Emergency hotline" and immediately calls came back with offers of help. Andrew and Larry came over and removed room contents, tore out the split copper and replaced with new copper and compression fittings. Andrew then staple gunned Visqueen to the back of the house. There is an immediate difference.  I have water. I have heat. I have a warm place to go to the bathroom.;-) Thank you my loves.  Those that were unable (or told not to come (;-) will trek over in the next few weeks to make their mother's life more bearable.  Maybe even comfortable.

 Last year's fix.....

This year's fix. Same spot.

Last year's telling of the story.

All of the Ohio Grands are off school for another day or two due to the impending weather. Be safe. Stay warm.

As ever
La Verne

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