Sunday, January 6, 2013

Do as I say....

....not as I do!  How many years was I married to a plumber who could be guaranteed to leave to fix someone's water line that burst in the night? Answer:  Enough times to know better. I am so used to having a wood stove or occasional space heater provide warmth, that it didn't occur to me to leave some form of heat on while in DC.  Fortunately, the line did not break until yesterday afternoon as the house re-warmed. The upside (and there are only upsides) son-in-law, Larry, his dad, Larry, Alisa, Ryan, Bethany, Andrew and Jen came over to put me right again. My pipe got fixed, wet things got thrown out, carpet gone, Christmas stuff put away, basement cleaned, dishes done, floors swept, commercial blowers and dehumidifiers on, all because I said, "Help!"  Thank you, all.

For a while now I was hoping to put a salvaged pine floor in this room. Appreciate the expediting, God.

This is a new, rubber, pressurized fitting that fixes a copper line break where the edges have flared and a coupling does not fit over it to solder.  Howard would have loved this invention.

This powerful blower that rotates had the room dry in no time.


When my mother was asked what she wanted for Christmas or her birthday, she always answered, "Good kids!"  We in turn thought that to be a terrible answer.  Not so. Good kids is the perfect wish to pray for, hope for, and be thankful for.

As ever,
La Verne/Mom

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