Saturday, January 19, 2013

Gathering wood day

Wasn't today beautiful? I probably wouldn't have been out in it if not for my son's warning that by Tuesday it will turn bitter cold. The kids are already hoping for several snow days.  The wood on my deck may last the month of January, so I started to prowl Craigslist for some free bounty.  "Get what you asked for, get to pick again."  I recognized the photo in the ad immediately.  Michael had given me wood a few months ago from an almost 100 year old attic floor he was tearing out at his new (old) Cleveland home.  It was actually 'sister wood' to the stack on my deck.  Some of the turquoise painted lath boards were used in my flag project 'as is' for my Sweden flag. Some of the boards I did not cut as they will be used to replace the floor I had to tear out two weeks ago due to the frozen pipe.

Michael makes messenger bags for cyclists, out of old parachutes and wallets out of men's old suits.  He is quite inventive and all his items are custom designed and made by him. He reminds me of son, Pete, who cycles everywhere.  Visit his website below. And, thanks, Michael for the heat! (and for loading my van!)

The rest of the day was spent sawing up the wood and piling it into waterish-proof containers. They are really over-filled garbage cans with big clear plastic baggies over them.  I laughed immediately as it reminded me of something else.

There will be no work out of me tomorrow.  Every muscle aches, bone hurts, and the half hour shower sitting on a shower chair relieved none of it.  I was surprised to find a huge chunk of wood sticking out of my arm that I never even felt.

I am grateful for the Vitamin D today, Lord, while I finished my task.


While waiting for my Naproxin to kick in I was scanning a few blogs I follow, and each was talking about what they thought should be the word of the year.  Everyone's was different as to their circumstances.  I thought about what word/s I would choose, and settled on "Lightness" and "Trust".

Trusting you will all have light thoughts when you rest your heads on your pillows tonight.

As ever,
La Verne

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