Sunday, January 27, 2013

A side order of dining table refinishing

Last night, while being on deck for the Rocky River grand children I decided to surprise Alisa and refinish her dining room table.  Here is a look at the BEFORE usually hidden under a table cloth:

A cautionary tale for future pizza boxes.

The table legs are brown, the top was a definite RED.  I stripped and applied a walnut stain, but the red was not wanting to be underscored, so let it be.

When Alisa got home from her night shift this morning, she was pleased with the results.

I have the best grand-kids ever. They unloaded supplies from the van, and scurried around and helped clean up the sawdust and kitchen with no complaints. Could I have a better life?

Will post later today on some completed projects.

As ever,
La Verne

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