Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Just a mini-miracle

So, Alisa borrows Bethy's camera and takes it across the globe. Hungary and the Czech Republic.  I have a small assignment. Get the camera from Alisa at Saturday's birthday party, and give it to Bethy on Sunday when we put together the awesome gift baskets. Simple job, involves 20 miles MAX.

At Liam's district finals Saturday night, I LOSE THE CAMERA. It was cold, rainy, almost snowy, and I was dressed in my typical bag lady attire, accompanied by my cart filled with blankets, rain-wear, extra socks, gloves, plastic and hot chocolate. And, I thought, the camera that I stuffed in my purse.

At picture time, NO CAMERA. Looked under the bleachers with a flashlight. No camera. Back at the van. Nothing. The next day, scoured the house [Disclaimer: The area between the door and everywhere I would have walked]. Nada. Short of vacuum cleaning, searched every inch of the van. Nil.

I drove to Bay Village Stadium and pondered how I could break in. The gate was locked, but there was a bike and a trash can. If I climbed onto the bike and pushed myself up to the trash can-in one lunge I might make it over the top of the fence....or, be impaled on it. How exactly would a 911 call go? "Hi 911, I might need some help. When you drive through the Bay Stadium and see the Irish Green Sweater Blimp, that is not a dirigible, that would be me, looking for my daughter's camera. SOS (sweater)."

I heard some boys practicing on the soccer field and got their attention. "Hey boys, I wonder if you could help me? I'm looking for my daughter's camera!"  One boy immediately hollered back, " Was it RED?" "YES!" "My mom found it in the parking lot next to the handicapped space last night. I'll call her and have her bring it up." In less than 10 minutes, I was holding Bethy's camera again. Thank you to Bay Rocket's player's mom, Chris Myers, and the son she raised really well. [Bay won 2-0]

As ever, grateful
La Verne

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