Sunday, September 22, 2013

Usually, I save the best for last

Tonight, I will treat you to a resurrection of a buffet's Cinderella moment. 

If only you could pretend the moving blanket to the right were some well placed, aesthetic back drop. FCP. Field Conditions Prevail.

Previously, much like Cinderella herself, she lived in the country with her kindly step-sister, and many, many cats. Many cats. Months earlier, she had been orphaned, and the step-sister had to parcel estate contents out to meet the king's ransom.

One could only guess the life she lived.  Interior drawers held remnants of sewing parts and old news clippings.

Part of her history was surely in a leaky carriage building, or used for filleting fish.

My first step was to tighten up all loose joints.

The top back required major corner mending and some veneer repair.  I had purchased some mahogany veneer banding that fit nicely with the help of a utility knife and an iron.  

As I sanded, I saved the sawdust and mixed it with a little linseed oil to act as the stain on the new wood.  I tried to bleach out a miserable stain, but was without luck, which meant I would have to stain darker.  A wood conditioner over the entire top first gave it a more even appearance at the end.

The center post in the top middle drawer had to be removed so that the future electronics could be installed. I then had my son cut a piece of 1/4" luan to fill that space. New 1/4" is not the same as when the cabinet was built, so I used cork sheeting as a filler, Bondo'd it, sanded and painted and glazed to match.

The former buffet now serves as an entertainment center, and toy hider for a little boy who turned 2 today.  Happy Birthday, Jake.

The center fabric below is called, Crayola Twisler, and was turned in to new pillows for their family room.


Daughter-in-law Angie, sent me a picture of a child measuring chart the other day that she saw on Pinterest by Painted Therapy out of New Hampshire, and asked if I could duplicate it.

 I was hoping to use old barn wood as that was what was used, but found none safe enough for kids.  My sister's door way between her kitchen and dining room contains a wide molding that has measured kids for decades without benefit of any measurements. I'll bet there are over 150 markings with kid's names and dates as to their height. And, not just her kids. Anyone who comes into the house. No doubt, Angie was looking to repeat that memory.

Here is my attempt.

I made it to attach just above their 4.5" their baseboard. It only took a short time and I used permanent marker instead of paint. Beforehand, I had sanded it, stained it and gave it a light poly coat when I was done.


Update on Josie: 37 days old. More than 2# 6 oz. No ventilator. No IV's. 
Big brother, Luke's face says it all!

[As for saving the best for last....I DID]

******More BIG NEWS tomorrow!******

As ever,
La Verne


  1. Mom,

    The buffet turned out truly amazing. We are very lucky to have it in our home. The top needed some serious TLC with the stains and gouges developed over years of wear and tear, but your little magic touches took care of all them. Thank you again for your skill and imagination.



    Josie looks like a real fighter. She looks great. Prayers for an improving outlook.