Monday, December 16, 2013

Life's a Beach and then it snows

While shopping for my birthday bounty at the ReStore, I found a beat up coffee table, marked, "FREE". I snagged it and knew it would make a wonderful beach table. The candidate I had in mind for it was my niece, Mer, who lived and worked in Ocean City. Although a family crisis has caused her to move closer to family, her heart will always have a special place for the beach. Here is what her table looked like in April:

The glass was gone, the joints needed to be glued and tightened, and the only connection it had to the beach was that it was the color of sand..

The bottom shelf had sort of a bead board effect that would look good glazed.

The side detail would show up better once it had some color definition.

Easy transition to new life.

After it was painted in June, it was left to languish underfoot until last night.

Two coats of a watered down white gifted by my friend Lynn, and then some heavy sanding.

I cut some luan to fit and reinforced it from the bottom with screws, to give it a platform to affix the reclaimed lath and pallet boards.

I randomly cut boards and wedged them in place.

Mer is a blue person so that would be the predominant color.

I later added some greens and pale yellows to balance the blue.

If a piece of furniture spends any length of time in my workshop, it becomes a workhorse....bench...paint holder...clamping table, etc.

This weekend was the Cookie Bake, (more later on that) so Therese and Mer were in town. This morning, when the table left for Baltimore, it looked like this:

Mer's Beach Coffee Table.

During the night I would wake up and give it more coats of poly, and reinforced the bottom with wood cleats in case some little gremlins tried to cross the room without touching the floor.

Instead of Christmas in July, it was the beach at Christmas!

And Mer was very, very happy!


I will be posting tomorrow with some great news, so check back.

As ever, 
La Verne

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