Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Heart and Soul

Remember the old song that anybody who has ever touched a piano, knows how to play? Some of the grands and their friends were over the other day and the two things they shoot for as soon as they enter the house are, either the costume closet, or the piano. Before long, Heart and Soul was playing, and one of the friends said, "You play that really good, you should be on the radio." I laughed out loud in my heart. Such innocence.  Have you ever hear it played on the radio even by a maestro?


This tiny dresser was found on an adventure with the AZ kids.  We hopped out of the van and raided a curb in River (with the owner's permission). After a good scrubbing (always essential), the kids started painting it Autumn Haze by Glidden. Over top I added a minty green-blue, with a stenciled tree filled with birds. I kept it muted and used the same green on the pulls. It can be a night stand or little dresser, and I thank the kiddos for helping me with my mission.  You will meet the other treasures on another day.

At first glance

After a light distressing

Trying to decide on waxing or poly-coating

Can someone please show me how turn these pics sideways?

How it presented at the show


I have 17 projects in my queue right now. Probably the most I have ever started at one time.  Having no boss gives me that freedom. [Or that lunacy] I gave myself a rugged schedule to get them done because I want to take a week for myself in August.  Not to go anywhere. Or spend money. Just to be able to breathe, and not always be "one step ahead of the hangman." Some things on my list are: to dig the paint and stain out of my fingernails, pull the 10 biggest weeds in my front yard. paint a tarp to look like my garage door, so now that my garage door is broken, the city won't site me for hoarding. I want to take a nap, and go to a matinee, pack a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and eat it at Lake Erie while watching the sailboats.  I remember when I used to like fishing, maybe I'll do that.  Maybe I will make the trip down to the basement and change the chirpy carbon monoxide detector that has been barking to have its battery changed. I could look through old pictures and reminisce about when I was young, and fit, and able.  Maybe I'll write a story that has some meat instead of having the blog seem like a misplaced laundry list....

But for now, I'll chuckle to myself and remember the tinkle of the keys from my little people, who are my heart and soul.

As ever,
La Verne


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