Thursday, August 15, 2013

UPDATE: Pray for Baby Josie Kelly

JOSEPHINE REESE KELLY was born at 11:37 am this morning.  JOSIE is bigger than expected at #1 9 oz, and 8.5 " long.  I understand she has a little pug nose and you know the only place she can get that is from me.  It was a fast delivery, not a C, and she has the best care at the hospital where her mother, brother, aunt and uncle were born.  8-16-13

Keep up the fight little Josie.


She is in JEOPARDY.  Not due til Thanksgiving, may be born today due to medical emergency.

This is my nephew Bryan, and his wife Jessica's child. Little sister to Luke, and granddaughter of Jack and Therese, and Joan and Howard.

Today is the Feast of the Assumption.  Asking for a miracle here.........

With love,
Great Aunt La Verne
with great HOPE for a SAVE here


Update from Jack Thursday evening:  Things have settled down. Dr. will do sonogram in morning and evaluate. Jess will stay in the hospital until the baby is born, whenever that may be.

Thank you for all continued prayers and mass intentions.

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