Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bryan's note on Josie

       "Hi Aunt La Verne,

        Thank you for praying for Josie. I saw the Hope site and we appreciate the love.

        We have faith Josie will be strong.  She was 30 cm or 11.8", not 8.5";-) [guestimate from T]

        Josie is small, but is very tough and beautiful  Looks just like her daddy.

        She has a vent to help her breathe while her lungs develop. She has medicine to keep her BP  
        stable. She is doing well given the situation. She has a lot of growing to do and she's hanging
        in there. Jess and I are hanging in there too.

        Please keep us in your prayers.

        Love, Bryan"


Therese called last night with an update.  Josie had her eye patches removed.  She did not have any brain bleeds and does not have brain damage.  She is a great kicker!  God willing, her "Welcome Home" party will be in November.


I am writing this on Pete's auxiliary computer, as mine, with all my photos, appears to be in limbo.  I will post my completed projects, with pictures, when it comes out of its coma.

As ever,
La Verne-ever-grateful-for-your-immediate-and-bountiful-prayers

Post Script

An ANGEL came and fixed my garage door.  The tarp that covered it is put away, and my shield and portion will now be snow-free when the snow flies.  I sincerely thank this person who wishes to remain anonymous for their generosity and love.

     "The Lord has promised good to me.
       His word my hope secures,
       He will my shield and portion be,
       As long as life endures." 

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