Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Poverty Barn furniture

I'll bet you didn't even notice that the post heading did not say "Pottery" Barn.  Researchers say that most people when they are scan reading catch the first and last letters of a word and guess that it is correct.  In this case both are part of the equation. Pottery Barn was my inspiration for this dresser, but if I copied it exactly it would look beautiful, but too trendy for my taste. Here is the Andover piece that retails for $699, plus tax and shipping. I'm sure some talented craftspeople built it but who has that kind of budget?

I grabbed this pine dresser sans a couple of knobs at my favorite Restore for $15. Other than cleaning well, painting with 3/4 cup of paint mixed with 2 tsp. of baking soda and a little water, antique oiling all the innards, this became quite an affordable clothes holder.

I wish you could see the richness of the wood tones. It virtually looks like weathered red barn wood.

I took pictures with light, without light, and still it needs to be seen in person.

The red I chose is called Allure, by Behr, mixed in a sample color.

Even the top turned out pretty fabulous for just being a gritty #2 or #3 pine board.

I didn't even pre-sand, just pretended it was Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and went ahead with my chip brush.

If I could afford to keep this, I would.  Everyone knows red is my color. But, taxes......coming....up...

Final shot.  Thanks PB for the inspiration and the free catalog.  I hope you continue to do a good business so I have some comparisons to work from. [Or, as my Dad would say, "from which to work."]
[Poverty Barn is no longer available, but I will paint your furniture with this technique.]


Shout out to Bostoners and by extension, the world, this unsettling night.  I see by the score your Sox are beating our Indians.  It's good to feel happy about something, even the trivial right now.  I honeymooned in Boston and thought the place and people beautiful. Yesterday's event immediately brought out the best in your citizens, and I am proud to share the planet with you! Patriots Day 2013 will forever be remembered. Go Red.

As ever,
La Verne


  1. Love it! You do beautiful work. P.S. I totally read your "Poverty Barn" title as "pottery barn", so funny.
    Found your listing over on cragslist an had to follow the link. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

  2. LaVerne -- LUV the Poverty Barn dresser. Maybe I'll run into you some day at ReStore. That place is the best. Hope you're doing great! Lisa

  3. I was there today. Had the greatest birthday and that started off the day. Went with daughters. Sister, Therese sprang for drawers, footstools and a fireplace mantle, all of which will be posting soon.

  4. How many pieces do you expect to sell each day - or even each week? Work out from that figure what your mark-up must be on each