Sunday, April 14, 2013

Most people...

...have a garage filled with cars, or yard tools, bikes, and snow appliances.  Mine is happily full of junk furniture. Yes, happily.  When I gaze out there I think, "this feels like walking in the door with my bag filled with Halloween candy-which piece do I tackle first!"  Here is a dresser that came in last week.  My inspiration was the Pottery Barn Andover buffet that retails for $699.  My copy was $15. at ReStore.

Here you see it as a work in progress.  I sent away for the missing knobs and will be stripping and refinishing the top soon. It won't look exactly like PB, because I always go off the reservation on my pieces. That cool segue is my way of telling you that cousin Mary Pat has uncovered some Indian history in our background. My great grandmother on my mother's side was a _________ Indian. We don't have the exact tribe yet, but Andrew is already planning how to use his cut of the casino money. [kidding-about the planning, not about the heritage.]

Another intriguing piece is this sewing machine cabinet with the pop-up top. This will be on the nautical side.

The left side flips out and I removed the right side. It will get a piano hinge in the back, the frame will go back on, and the center cut-out will have sort of a wood stained glass effect.  I will finish it off with glazing and rope handles.

Another $10 find at ReStore. Solid, 40's wood dresser, thinking.....

As soon as the rain disappears for a few days, I hope to get out there and reconfigure the space, and maybe forge a path.

I have scads of chairs that need reupholstering.  If anyone is looking for an extra chair-see me!

Well, I do have my recreational vehicle parked in there. See that streamlined silver flying machine?  I had to make room for it in there as it doesn't have current plates, so I can't park it outside.

Happy Sunday evening,
No song, sing to yourself
La Verne

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