Thursday, April 25, 2013

Birthday booty

What a great day yesterday! Everyone should have such a fabulous birthday.  I heard from all of my kids with good wishes and promises of yard work from the ones who could not make the day. It started off with a trip to ReStore where I found some awesome treasures (remember: eye of the beholder).

This fireplace mantle (with electricity run to the top of it) will probably end up a head board.

This piece I guessed was an old confessional kneeler, but will become a footstool.

I needed pieces parts for a desk I'm working on-so a bargain.

All these old drawers were custom made on site with pencil marking in/outside.  Actual 1x6's.  Have plans to make them into planters and tables.....

I do not know the sources of these 2 pics, but bless them anyway. [Just possibilities of ideas]

This next little homemade footstool can take some padding and fabric and make an awesome accessory.

Alisa's friend Bryan made this sturdy furniture creeper for me, which Ryan beefed up later.  I had gotten a furniture dolly at Harbor Freight that advertised that it could hold weight up to 1000#, but the very 1st dresser I put on it, BROKE it.  I had considered taking it back, but the castors were worth more than if I had to buy them separately.  The creeper is made of old REAL 2x4's from the 1920's house on Franklin Blvd where I got to scavenge wood. I hope to sand and poly coat and put it to use tomorrow.

And lastly, a glass-less coffee table that will be at home in any beach cottage when it's reborn.

Some little scroll work will be icing on this piece of cake.

I'm finishing up a Disney pink prom dress and then back to my Disney World of furniture re-invention.

My furniture in the garage got rearranged.  I was treated to a great lunch at Bucci's. Corned beef sandwiches for supper along with technical help on my boat table.  An 'ooey gooey' chocolate-carmel pecan cheesecake. Just a premier day. And got what I wished for when I blew out the fake candle. Good Kids!

Thanks everyone for making my day so special!

As ever,
La Verne

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