Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tiffany and Spun Straw

This 1940's waterfall vanity, named "Tiffany", will be listed on Craigslist tonight.  I couldn't decide how she should look for quite some time.  When I got her she was white with porcelain and chrome knobs, but it did not fit her personality at all.  Then, I stripped her down to see that she had oak drawers, and a chevron inlaid wood face.  Still not it. Then I tried a pretty turquoise, Nope.  Then, a sea foam green (looked grey) milk paint. Uh uh.  Finally, I found a $7.00 OOP's paint with no color label.  THAT WAS IT!  It is the color of a gift box from Tiffany's.  Coincidentally, the girl I got the vanity from was named Tiffany.  So here she iswith her new bottom handles which I did not find at Habitat or Two Horses Handle and Knob, but in my Ken treasure box.

 New handles.  The trouble with taking  a photo of an item with a mirror on it is, "what does that mirror see?"  No before photo, but here is a box I searched through hoping to find the right handles.  These are a gift from Ken:

The vanity is highly waxed with a dark carnuba wax and buffed. Dimensions are 41" wide, 27" high, 17" deep, and 56" high at the top of the mirror.

Sturdy, oak drawers with wallpaper lining.

View of the handle-less drawer.

Once the wax was on, the deep "Tiffany" blue became more muted.

Front view shows the undertones. 

Some distressing details.

Trying to match handles to these two perfect knobs.

Tiffany will be priced very modestly and would be perfect for a young person who also appreciates a sense of the past.  [No longer available]


If only I had a really good before photo of this oak parlor table made by Conley & Birely Table Company out of Indiana.  The copyright label on it says 1896 and I'm sure it is early 1900's.  It is a pretty sturdy piece.  I stripped the shellac off the top and took it down to the wood-not veneer.  The dimensions are 24x24x29.

It must have sat in the hot sun through a window because the legs were nicely raised and mottled. I coated it with a Glidden prototype color that was numbered, but un-named.  Rather, I shall call it Spun Straw.  Then, it was easy to distress it (new technique-no sander) and brush on a dark wax that I buffed.  I am loving the waxes so well I may not go back to the glazes. Well, yes, for some things I will.

The oak took the walnut stain nicely and it looks rich and new.  Topped with a poly-acrylic.

I should start taking photos staged with items on it to get the full effect of function.

Spun Straw - no longer available.


My hands are never far from busy. This week I'm working on uniform hems and wood carving. I am reminding myself more and more of my sister, Michelle, who has not had an idle hand in her life. Remembering her Katie today. Sleep in heavenly peace.

As ever,
La Verne

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