Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I did not fall off the planet

I've just been plenty busy.  The real grandmother went on vacation this week with her sisters, so I've been busy with the twinks after school learning about fractions.  Whatever I said I had in the hopper, add four more or so.  Nothing is finished, but I will give you a bit of a preview:

This was the camouflage base. I've been playing around with the old pine flooring.

I sort of drew up a pattern (like quilting-but not fabric).  Here it is half painted.

Painted and distressed but not completed.  Tomorrow will mount to 'base' board and then to actual base.

This was a treasure of a sofa table-love the lines.

Scrubbed with dishwasher detergent and sanded it good-(this is still a before). Really need a good bath.

All the flaking came off. Looking better, just the base coat.  You will love it tomorrow (or so).

Claire's new dresser.  Shopped for months online for exact dimensions.  I can't wait to show you how it will look next.  NOT just getting a paint job.

What could this be?  Cinderella WILL be going to several balls.


Just wanting you to know how great Craigslist is, and the people you meet there who become good friends and great networking resources.  You meet them again and again, and they point you in directions you never would have taken otherwise. Thoroughly loving my new life. Next week the real grandmother returns to safeguard the kid-lings and the "back-up" grandma goes back to painting.

Till next time,
La Verne

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