Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Nothing quite finished yet, BUT...

I've been thinking about having a furniture restoration get-together at the house.  If anyone is interested, either make a comment here or email me at  Anyone out there that wants to practice or learn some techniques on furniture refinishing, bring a piece and we'll work on them. Not like an armoire or dining room table, (I already have three in there now), but a headboard, small table, wooden box, etc.  I mentioned it to Meg's mom and she wants to come and bring a nightstand. I think we can all learn from and teach each other. This will be a FUN evening, with some easy snacks and tea. Bring your sanders, but I will have all other tools needed.  Email or call and we can talk about colors, but believe me, I have plenty.  Most small to medium pieces of furniture rarely take more than a cupful, especially if we make it into chalk paint for shabby chic technique, believe it or not. I'm very psyched about some new methods of distressing that I am dying to demonstrate. Seriously, if you are my friend, you will show up, listen, mess up my dining room, and tell me the cookies were good!


Just a peek at something I will be posting tomorrow, as soon as the handles are on and the mirror frame dries and is buffed.


In 24 days, at 12:01 AM, I will be posting something I am pretty excited about.  If you've been to my house lately, you'll know what it is about, because they are everywhere.  That's all the hints for today.

As ever,
La Verne

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