Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Our Christmas Rose...

Alaina Rose. Born this wintry morning of the 17th, weighing in at 6# 15oz, at 6:16 AM. To keep the full house theme going, I am going to say she was 18" long! [Plus 2]

Here is mom, Jen at the Cookie Bake on Saturday, probably the last photo of Alaina incognito.

She is precious (my nose), brown hair, nice disposition, long fingers and close cropped ears. See for yourself. This isn't the official photo, just a good unwrapped version with the nurse.


Jake getting a first look at his sister, said, "Is that Baby Hayes?" That is his new baby cousin, and just reinforces the old adage that all babies look alike. [well, our babies kinda do]

A nice shot of  'Our Holy Family'.

Now who's the big kid?

After the long ordeal, Jen needs a major nap. What a trooper. Andrew too. Lovely children and all are healthy. Congrats!


I remember as a child in the Schola Cantorum at Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary School in St. Paul, Minnesota, singing a song we called, The Christmas Rose, better known as Gesu Bambino. I thought it fitting today in honor of our little Christmas Rose, Alaina.

As ever,
proud Mom and Grandma La Verne

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