Tuesday, December 31, 2013

And the winner is...

Practically all the online news services or newspapers are strangling viewers with the words, 2013 Year in Review. Not enough daily news that the old stuff has to be regurgitated? Who cares? Life is way too short for a read-over, unless it's Too Kill a Mockingbird, or the 10th reading of "How to install and lock-in the bench seat in a Grand Caravan." I'll have no year in review of my blog. Not the highlights, low-lights or hind-sights. I will however, dabble in what I think should be the 2014 Word/s of the Year for me.

The words in competition so far, are: Simple, Patience, Follow-through, Forgiveness, Heal, and Hope.

  • Let's get Patience out of the way first. I prayed for that at a Renewal once, and got a pie-in-the-face; from a priest! 
  • Forgiveness....another overrated virtue. The forgiver does all the work, and the forgiven goes about their business unknowing, and for sure uncaring that the event has taken place.
  • Simple is an excellent choice for uncomplicated folks, but for those of us whose brain is not even on hiatus while we sleep, it's like asking winter not to snow in your driveway. 
  • Follow-through, now there is a contender. Start a project-finish a project! Too predictable, and kind of a sing-song'y mantra. But, noble. 
  • That darn word, Heal, plants its face in my head every day, but, that requires collaboration from doctors, specifically anyone in the bone and joint-fixing spectrum. That's a not very likely.
  • Which leaves Hope.

These past two weeks I've been doing some thinking about Jesus and Lazarus, two guys who have had documentation on showing up back from the dead. I was close, but then you need people to certify that you actually were dead and came back, not that you just felt like you were dead. I must have been though, because no painting was done, no saws or drills fired up, no furniture carried in or out, and I never even checked to see that my drill batteries were plugged in. I did, however, cough-a-lot, sleep-a-lot, drink-a-lot, make fires, sit in front of a heater, stay in my jammies and hardly leave the house. It was wonderful and terrible. The wonderful part was that nobody bothered me. The terrible part was that nobody bothered me.

I humbly wish all of you a better year than last, but not so good that you don't look forward to the future. We have to keep remembering that for all our good fortune, this isn't heaven.

And the winner is...

La Verne

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