Saturday, November 30, 2013

Two of a kind

I've had two curio cabinets in my 'studio' awaiting a final decision on color for a few weeks now. One was missing the front glass due to breakage in a move. At first Kathleen was leaning toward a 'greyish charcoal', but my procrastination on not jumping on the first color selection, lead to a S U R P R I S E choice. 

Here is a before of the glassed front cabinet...

...and the glass-less one.

When I don't know what to say, I say, "YOWZA". I would ordinarily think of this as an accent color and not a room anchoring shade, but the client was 'un-convincable' otherwise. This was to be the color! If you write to me and ask, I will tell you what paint company produced this product and its color name.

Heavy distressing and glazing toned down the shade considerably, and she seemed happy with the result. I'm not as sure as I used to be about a person's true reaction, or whether some folks are just good actors. I told her I would repaint if she changed her mind.

A couple of views of the top portion. 

Perhaps once the glass shelves are in and filled with 'curios' it will not be such a landslide of deep pink.

I spruced up the hardware with some steel wool, enough to give it some sheen.

I no longer have a full house, as these two of kind went home Thanksgiving morning.


This has been on the ground for the past week, although neighboring cities had none. There are many things for which I am grateful, and this week, in calling them to mind, I came across a prayer that I wrote for a friend who was in a bad way many years back....

"Thank  you, God, for this warm, comfortable and safe bed, where I can lay my head, and my worries at your feet. I thank you for a strong body and a good mind, steady work and the ability to always land on my feet. Thank you for my children; help them find their way, and be creative and loving and grateful for all they have. And, if they ever are wanting, the courage and humility to find it.  Give me a night of peaceful sleep, and when I wake, a new vision for my future. Take away the gloom that clouds my way and make me thankful for each person that enters my life, either to learn from, or to teach. Help me to start simply in your shadow, and let me feel the rays of hope and a renewed spirit. Amen. Happy will come..."

As ever,
La Verne

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