Sunday, November 24, 2013

Happy Anniversary Hope & Salvage

One year ago today, my son Peter, set up this blog so I could showcase my furniture refinishing talents, and journal not exactly "how to's", but "how I did's" along the way.  In these 12 months I have tested myself way beyond my comfort zone and honed some long dormant skills. This is my 116th post and my website has had 11,260 hits. That alone is mind jarring. I have not sought any sponsors, nor product endorsements.  I haven't twittered or facebooked or etsy'ed my wares.  My followers have been through word of mouth, comments left on other blogs, and all or most of my friends and family. I thank you all.

There are many people responsible for my making it this far and I will try and do justice to remembering them all.  Thank you's first to my kids, Neil and Brigitte, Alisa, Ryan and Meg, Bethany and Larry, Andrew and Jen, Pete and Angie, and Paddy. Plus, all the kid-lings who helped me paint, sand, snag furniture, carry wood, and other miscellaneous jobs. Lynn and Tom and sons, Dan and Tom, who had faith in my talents and were the organizers of my work-spaces, and engineered its existence. And, so much more. The others cross over into many categories of clients, suppliers of furniture, paint, tools, food, and more that would be impossible to itemize.  I hope I have not left anyone out, but please tell me if I have overlooked your name and I will edit to correct later. They are: David, Ed, Ken and Steve, Wally and Jill and Lil, Mike and Lucy and David, Pat T, Kathleen and Stevan, Pat K, Ann, Laura, Donna, The Garage Door Fairy, Lisa, Justin and Stacy, Tracy, Cyndi, Michelle R, Quinn, Jen S, Therese and Jack, Cheryl and Mike, Michelle, Larry and Marge, Bobby, Sue P, Matt and Stacy, Sue C, Aunt Kate, Scott, Gloria, Cheryl K, Karen, Michael, Ali, Melissa, and Drs. Friess, Trey, Stevenson, Greenwood, Magovich (and Shelia).

Again, I humbly thank for your great love and support.

As ever,
La Verne


  1. Congratulations LaVerne in reaching your first year anniversary! There will be many more. You are one truly amazing lady -- not just for your creative skills, but for your heart, your writing prowess and your love. I was truly blessed to have met you this year. Our time together this year was limited due to our family first priorities, but I really hope to spend more time together next year. God bless you. your wonderful family and all your dear friends. (But you already are :) ) Lisa xo

  2. I appreciate the love. Thanks for the kudos. I hope 2014 will be a banner year for all of us. Looking back, I expected less and got more. I guess you
    would call that a year of favor. Blessings to you and your family for a harmonious and fulfilling year. Love, La Verne