Friday, May 24, 2013

The something I can't describe....

That title is way more provocative that the actual subject.  I picked up an indescribable piece from Ken that worked its way to the head of the class for attention and production. I mentioned it last week but couldn't really say what it was. It is definitely handmade by someone with skills. The fold down front is off kilter and maybe it was planned so.  Here is a Before look:

And here it is after. My daughter says it is the color of her cousin, Meredith's eyes.

It is a prettier blue than shows up in the photo. Both drawers open easily and the front snaps down.  It is sort of a cabinet/bookcase/file something or other.  Heavy duty.  Will snap a photo tomorrow of the front down against the brick wall in a more natural light. It will be reasonably priced on Craigslist.  

I am working on a Union Jack coffee table.  Only partly painted then comes my favorite part-the distressing.


Time for hot malted milk with vanilla bean ice cream, a little Boz Scaggs' Memphis, and la la land.

As ever,
La Verne

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