Saturday, November 24, 2012

Windsor Aqua Chairs

This Windsor back sage-aqua chair has maize undertones. Its mate has lavender undertones. These chairs were found by my sister, Therese, while driving down the street on the way to church. On MY street. I didn't even see them. Well, I was the driver and should have been paying attention to the road, not the curb. We went up the long drive and asked permission to take them, as our town has a law that curb 'prizes' belong to the garbage guys, not all of humanity that wish to save them from landfills. There were 4 chairs, but one was unsaveable. They were in a partially stripped, chippy condition in old white. Possibly a lead paint. I mostly stripped them and custom mixed this aqua color with pastel color underlays.

Sometimes they look blue and other times definitely green.

They are sturdy with lo leg issues.

As ever,
La Verne
hope& salvage


  1. Love your site!! I have been to your workshop so I KNOW you have a lot of projects to post. Can't wait to see them.

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