Saturday, November 24, 2012

Dresser with Subway-Style Symbols

This dresser adds personality to a bed room when you create custom Subway Art-Style symbols to it. The dresser was originally found on a curb by my friend Ken, and missing a drawer. It has been restored inside and out with the panache it deserves.

I restored this for my son, Paddy, and it represents places that are important to him.

Just about any piece of furniture can become a billboard for Subway Art. Always take into consideration the colors that will stand out the most when laying out your scheme. On my next foray into a Subway Art piece, I would draw a rendering of what the finished piece would look like before I started. At every turn, this was a surprise.

Here is the Before picture. 

I bought a $1. ReStore drawer and glued and screwed a new face to it as similar to the originals as I could find.  

 I cut new shelves for the chifferobe side as he would not be using it for hanging anything.

I was very satisfied with how this turned out. Pretty ambitious for a first blog posting.

As ever,
La Verne

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