Thursday, March 27, 2014

The French or The British?

A couple of half finished projects have been clogging up my dining room walkway so I decided to finish them up, photograph them and move them to the Great Hall.

The first, is a small bedside table my friend Ken gave me. He should be my brother-he takes that good care of me. Naturally, I was on another planet when I should have taken the Before picture. So this is the During photo. [See in the left hand corner the little garden scoot? It is amazing how handy that thing is for entertaining kids, hauling groceries, moving furniture...]

After distressing, glazing and a matte poly, this little piece is looking pretty FRENCH.

Would look nice next to a bed or even in a Country French Living Room. 

No longer available.


This square table came to me by way of my friend, Debbie. It immediately screamed UNION JACK. I hadn't done a square one, only rectangular ones and dresser fronts. I think now I can do them in my sleep. There is a definite pattern, not just haphazard stripes. It is a combination of the Cross of St. Patrick, the Cross of St. Andrew and the Cross of St. George. 

The table itself is very sturdy. I could probably tap dance on it. Haven't done the shuffle step since I was 8.

Here is a view of it before distressing...

And, fini. This table could take a ton of kid abuse. Daughter, Bethany, was kidding her half British nephew about "storing" this table in his bedroom with all my other Union Jack pieces.

So, British or French, which piece do you like better?

Next week, I will be finishing up an American Girl (like) doll clothes storage tower, Before:

which will be donated to the Brunswick Relay for Life fundraiser (on April 5th), on behalf of daughter-in-law, Jen's mother, Sandi. Be sure and check back to see it completed. 


Also, in the next day or two, I will be posting the RCA Victor Vintage television that I have turned into a wine cabinet. Here is a Before preview:

You won't believe it is the same piece of furniture.

I really don't have a Great Hall; I have a Great Room and several halls. They are all the same...full of furniture in various stages of completion. One more coat of poly, then off to bed.

Angels on your pillow,
La Verne

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