Friday, January 31, 2014

The L A Z Y pallet top dresser

In September of 2012, I was looking at free Craigslist ads and spotted one for a not-gently used dresser in Cleveland. It was missing a drawer, had no handles, and had a pressed board top. If you don't hop on these gifts right away, they have a way of escaping into quicker hands. It was night-time, and I had no slaves children to help me pick it up. I would have to wrestle it off a porch with a hand dolly by myself. Fortunately, the giver and his son helped me load it in the van.

I wish you could see the richness of this color. It is called Antique Tin. I think the other is just a Van Dyke Brown.

 Unfortunately, I could not find the original pictures before I did anything to it. This picture was taken after I had already started painting, and had removed the old top. The coloring is different because here it is in the garage, and in natural light. 

What I love about Craigslist, is you see people over and over again. Last summer I put some items free on C'list and this former owner came and got a leather tool belt from me. I should dig up his email address and send him this posting of his old dresser.

These pallet boards I  acquired from a young boy in Parma who recycles them from a parts factory where he works. He uses these savings to pay for college. I first made a base of 1/4" luan and glued and nailed the pallet boards on. Very rustic. 

I framed out the inside where the drawer was missing, and built an interior box out of old ReStore wood. I sealed any spaces with Bondo, sanded and painted. The drawer handles were new and came from Habitat's ReStore. I added a new panel to the back.

A good sized basket would make this alcove an excellent place for socks, belts, coin dishes, or a clock radio. You could even park a TV on top, drill out the back and put a DVD player inside. 

This piece is no longer available.


Remember my "Culling the Herd" post about burning an oak dresser for wood stove fuel? Well, I had a change of heart as the saw was in my hand. It survives to live another life. The drawers are gone, but the unveiling of the transformed piece is about 3 weeks away. I'm thinking 'little girl' and 'doors'. 


Happy Birthday Andrew, Neil and Paddy. Life is soooooo good. 

As ever,
The Mom


  1. Love the pallet top! What a great idea -Kathy

    1. Thanks for writing. Good luck on sales next week at the Bay Women's Group's Antique Show and Sale, with your The Salvaged Boutique! I hope to see you there.