Monday, September 23, 2013


Hayes Christian! Newest grandchild.

Born today at 10:04 AM @ 8# 4 oz. He joins his Presidential siblings of Reagan, Kennedy and Grant. This boy is no lightweight. I expect him to have a list of summer jobs like lumberjacking, deep sea fisherman or calf wrestler.

I got to hold him this afternoon and he is such a dear. Thankfully, my son, Ryan took the above photo. Mine turned out with a caption that should say-amateur!

While a serious photographer would engage their subjects first, I thought that candid shots would be better.  I was wrong.

New mom, Meg, with her shadow.

New dad, Ryan, gathering up school bags (homework done) so they can head for home.

Other Grandma Sue, engages guests, while siblings look on. They were actually very happy to hold their brother, and hoped no one else would show up so they would have to relinquish their prize.

First day he got to wear his "Big Brother' shirt. 

Seriously La Verne? This is the best you could do on a family shot? Well, at least All the Noses Are Here.

Congrats on the safe delivery of a new, healthy boy.  He is a grand addition to the Wrecking Crew.

As ever,
Grandma La Verne

PS  Those of you that were looking for my blog yesterday and could not find it.....apparently, it is supposed to be renewed yearly, and my IT manager overlooked it. Luckily, he remedied the situation. Welcome back!
Check out yesterday's post if you missed it.  Worth the peek.

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