Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I had a dream.....

....that last Thursday I made 250 meatballs for a party.  I know it was a dream, (even though I remember eating some and giving more away), because when I showed up in Maryland for my nephew, Max's (and Blair's) Engagement Party, they were nowhere to be found! Calls were made to Bethy's neighbors who found them in her garage-packed in an ice cooler. No matter. Repeat process. Party was beyond wonderful.  Kids had a great cousin time, swimming, volley-balling, basket-balling, and snow-coning. Yes, who has a party with 6 flavors of snow cones for kids?  Blair's parents. Family friendly yard. Food plentiful and excellent!

Then, while the families went to Ocean City...

Therese and I ate crabs, watched the Dexter premiere, hung out at Goodwill/ hardware stores, and refinished furniture. See the before and after when us technically challenged have access to "friends with skills".

Here is a project I'm working on for nephew, Bryan, that most people who have seen it would say is "Hopeless and Unsalvageable". I, however, am an optimist.  This is how it looked when I first saw it. Great bones (skeleton).

I have since measured it, removed all the rotted wood from the wrought iron, and started to wire brush it.  Only one of the bolt connections seems compromised, and with the right, new transplants, (wood), will live on another 50 years.


We got a chance to see The Heat with Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock. Really, really funny. I will be seeing it again soon, as Bethy wants to see her boy Joe in it. You can't hear the word "Nawk" too many times. We watched a slew of van movies too: Father Goose, Pollyanna, Secretariat, Schoolhouse Rock and more. Leg room in a van filled with bodies, camping gear, beach chairs, coolers and backpacks is over-rated. Best trip. Little drama. 

I wish had more photos, but, in the line from Charlotte's Web, "that'll do".

As ever,
La Verne

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